Rachael's Musical World

     From the beginning, Rachael Scott has always been into the art of story-telling. Writing down all of her thoughts whenever she could, she completed her first novel at 18, and two more a few years later. Born to a family full of talent, there has always been somewhere to turn for inspiration. Her father, a long time musician and performer, and two brothers, Randy Jr., a gifted lyricist, and Chris, talented Singer/songwriter, provided an endless stream of support to achieve her dreams.
     At 20, Rachael Scott moved to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, and at 24, was given her first guitar by a dear friend. It wasn’t until her fingers touched the strings that she realized what her stories were missing.
     She was addicted. Writing up to four songs in a single day, she couldn’t take her hands off the strings.  She taught herself to sing and the words flowed seamlessly onto the paper. Songwriting became the dream.
     Now, at age 30 the dream has only grown. Blessed with much support from live shows, Rachael Scott is honing her skills everyday, not only with guitar, but also in piano, electronic music, dubstep, hip-hop beats, and any kind of music that moves her. Always looking for ways to expand her knowledge, composing is a big part of her dreams for the future. 

Stay tuned for free music downloads and live show announcements.