Welcome to Rachael's Musical World! Stay tuned for the Live EP coming soon!


Rachael Scott Band in action! 

Rachael Scott Band is back with new members! We mesh great and are ready to bring original as well as some new covers to you. We will be performing around the island starting with Big Island Brewhaus! 5 pieces include a fiddle and a mean lead guitar I'm so excited! Keep watch Ill post the dates! Yeah Baby!!


Tuesday March 29th I will be donating all tips received to Tymaya Scott, a young girl who has had sudden health problems including blood poisoning. This illness has kept her from work and even from properly caring for her young daughter. All help is appreciated to help this mom get back on her feet and into good health. Yeah Baby!!

Black & Tanned 

Hi!! I am now apart of a new duo calling ourselves Black & Tanned! Myself and Noelani Anderson used to play together years ago before she moved off island to explore Nicaragua, and now she's back! We had our first show last friday october 30th and it went well. Looking forward to what else we can come up with for shows. Stay Tuned, I promise I'm recording haha! Yeah Baby!!


Stoked to see family and collaborate with my brothers this next month, hoping to get some fresh sounds onto the site. Can't wait to see what awaits me in Austin!! Yeah Baby!!!

Benefits and such 

I have been honored to throw my friends fundraisers this last month to help them through their difficult time. Crazy how fast life can change on you, friends and family are crucial when the rain starts to pour and I will do anything I can to be there as I know they would be there for me. Quick healing vibes to my friends Rob Campbell and Kalani Souza.

Black & Tan are back again! 

My bass player Rob Lurendez is back in town and we're excited to bring some new original music back on the scene. My beautiful and talented friend Nani is also back and I'm beyond excited to collaborate with this beautiful singer. Stay Tuned for some great shows!


Opening up for the great Colin John and Dagan Bernstein again in Hawi! Small kind benefit on March 20th, I'll be sticking around to enjoy the festivities. Hope to see you there!! Starts at 6ish!

Show Success 

Opening for Dagan was great. Good fun with great musicians!
Hosting an event on March 3rd for the Kauai Music Festival Singer/Songwriter Seminar coming in June. Very excited to once again be apart of this, always a great opportunity to hang with a couple hundred talented musicians. Yeah Baby!!!

Friday the 13th Show 

Gonna open up for my good friend and talented musician Dagan Bernstein. Excited to hear what he's got on this disc. Excited to have a disc of my own as well, coming soon!! Shopping mics and equipment for I am determined to do this myself, at least once. Thanks for supporting original music!!


Playing private parties has been awesome! Thanks for sharing your holidays with me. Will be sharing new beats and whatnot very soon, recording takes forever! Thanks for sticking strong with me! 

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Rachael Scott Music @ Waimea Coffee!

 —  —

Waimea Coffee Company

Fill your cup and your soul with the original stylings of Rachael Scott Music. Good Morning!!!


Rachael Scott Music Originals Open Mic!!

 —  —

Big Island Brewhaus, 1066 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kamuela

Come share your talent and hard written songs at this originals open mic night. A perfect place to try out some material and of course, the beer. Yeah baby!!


Rachael Scott Music @ Waimea Coffee!

 —  —

Waimea Coffee Company

Fill your cup and your soul with the original stylings of Rachael Scott Music. Good Morning!!!